Guar Korma Meal Manufacturers

Guar Korma is a bi-meal product that is obtained after processing of guar seeds. The processed Guar Korma meal is usually rich in proteins and carbohydrates and forms a high protein food for cattle and poultry.This Guar Korma Meal is given to cattle mainly cows and buffalos for getting enhanced milk and is also used as poultry and aqua feed.

Guar Korma helps to fatten cattle in short time period.It contains about 55% of protein (O+A) along with digesting content which makes it a reliable and safe ingredient for animals. Itis a 100 percent natural agricultural product without the addition of any chemicals or preservatives.

This product suits best for routine feed for dairy cattle. The following mentioned benefits would authenticate its need for animal feed industry.



Guar Meal is a rich source of protein and carbohydrates which helps in growth of animals.

It is 100 percent natural agricultural product without the addition of any chemicals or preservatives.

The processed form of guar meal is added in animal feed as it provides high nutrition and maintains the health of cattle.

The guar meal is highly digestible and improves digestion of cattle

It has less Moisture Content which gives it long Shelf life.



Variant 1
Content Percentage
Protein 46%
Moisture less than 10 %
Oil 1% to 2%
Fiber Less than 2%
Energy 2800-3000 Kcl

Guar Korma Meal Manufacturers in India | Prodigy Foods

Guar Korma Meal Manufacturers in India – The nutritional needs of livestock are very different from ours. Because of this, farmers are constantly on the lookout for fodder vendors who can provide them with high quality fodder. They also expect to get a variety of food for the animals from them. Prodigy Foods, a well-known Top Guar Korma Meal Manufacturers in India, has entered this market for guar korma, a by-product of the guar gum business that has emerged as a promising alternative. 

 The need for high quality, sustainable feed products has increased dramatically in the field of animal nutrition over the past few years. To meet the growing demand for meat, milk and other animal products, more livestock have to be raised as the population grows. With increasing attention to animal feed and its composition, manufacturers are looking for innovative and nutritious ingredients to improve animal health and productivity.

What is the Guar Korma Meal?

Before delving into the expertise of Prodigy Foods, it is important to understand the importance of Guar Korma as an important ingredient in animal feed. Guar korma, a by-product of guar seed processing, is a protein-rich delicacy. India is one of the top producers of guar gum and guar korma as most of these seeds are grown there in semi-arid regions.

After treating guar seeds to produce guar gum, the endosperm left over from guar seeds is carefully removed to make guar korma. This byproduct is an ideal replacement for conventional protein-rich ingredients in animal feed formulations as it is a concentrated source of protein with protein content levels of 55-58%.

Top Benefits of Guar Korma Meal For Animal

High Protein Content – Guar Korma Meal has a high protein content, which is one of its most important benefits. This characteristic is valued by farmers and animal nutritionists as it helps animals develop their muscles, grow and achieve better general health.

Better Digestibility – Guar Korma is also known to have better digestibility than some other protein sources. Through effective absorption and utilization of nutrients by livestock, feed conversion rates are improved, and productivity is maximized.

Non-GMO and Natural – Prodigy Foods takes pride in its dedication to delivering guar korma meal that is non-GMO and naturally sourced, guaranteeing that the feed ingredients are free of potentially dangerous substances and genetic alterations.

Cost-Effective – Guar korma is an appealing alternative for farmers looking for effective solutions to manage their animal feed budgets without sacrificing quality because it is a cost-effective feed ingredient.

Why choose Prodigy Foods as the best Guar Korma Meal Manufacturers in India?

Prodigy Foods, a significant company in the animal feed sector, is based in India, a country known for the richness and sophistication of its agriculture. Prodigy Foods was establish with the goal of revolutionizing the animal nutrition industry. Commit to consistently providing excellent guar korma food to both the domestic and overseas markets. Owing to innovation, this reputed company has established itself as a trusted and respected Guar Korma Meal Manufacturer in India. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us for Guar Korma meal –

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities – Prodigy Foods prides itself on modern manufacturing facilities that utilize state-of-the-art technology and strictly implement quality control procedures. Due to their ability to produce Guar Korma at the highest standards, they can maintain the nutritional quality of the food.

Research & Development – The business invests heavily in Research & Development to look into new ways to enhance the performance and quality of Guar Korma food. Prodigy Foods continues to lead industry innovation by working with experts in animal nutrition.

Sustainability Initiatives – Prodigy Foods has made sustainability one of its guiding principles. The business improves resource efficiency and adopts eco-friendly processes, which benefit the environment while providing ethical and sustainable feed options.


In short, Prodigy Foods stands testimony to India’s growing dominance in the animal feed sector. Thanks to its premium guar korma food and commitment to sustainability and innovation. The business has established itself as a trusted partner to farmers and animal nutritionists around the world. Prodigy Foods’ dedication to quality prepares them to play a key role in influencing the future of animal nutrition in India and elsewhere as the need for nutritious and sustainable animal feed increases.

Frequently Asked Questions

A – What is the primary ingredient of guar korma meal?

A –  The main ingredients in guar korma meal are protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. It is a valuable source of protein for animal feed as the protein level can be as high as 60% protein and as low as 50%.

Q – Is guar korma food safe for animals?

A – When included in a healthy diet, Guar Korma Meal is generally harmless to animals. To prevent any potential side effects, it should be use like any other feed ingredient, in recommended feeding amounts and according to recommended feeding instructions.

Q – Why is Prodigy Foods considered to be the best Guar Korma food manufacturer?

A – Many ranchers have benefited from Prodigy Foods’ amazing Guar Korma Cattle Food. The organization is aware of the difficulties in producing fodder for cattle, which is why neither quality nor quantity is compromise.