Soyabean Meal Manufacturers & Suppliers

The soya meal is extracted from the soya bean, regarded as an important crop throughout the world. Soybean Meal is a protein rich product, which remains after soybeans have been processed for the extraction of oil. Soybean Meal is mainly used as cattle feed around the world.

Soybean meal is palatable, nutrient dense, high in digestibility, and a relatively consistent source of protein. It has an excellent amino acid profile and is a concentrated source of protein and energy.

Soyabean Meal typically contains 45% Protein, though Prodigy Foods also deals with Hi-pro Soyabean Meal with more than 48% protein in it.

Rapeseed Meal

Rapeseed meal is a high protein-containing material that can be used as a feed for livestock and poultry.

Rapeseed Meal is a coarse powdery material, produced from rapeseed cake after series of preparatory physical processes followed by multistage extraction of oil under hygienically controlled conditions.

It is a protein-rich ingredient that is widely used to feed all classes of livestock. Rapeseed Meal typically contains 38% Protein though it also contains 10-12% of crude fiber.


Maize grain is frequently the main concentrate: it is highly digestible and it is the most palatable cereal for livestock feed.

It is a major animal feed grain and a standard component of livestock diets where it is used as a source of energy.

Prodigy foods deal in yellow corn which is free from impurities or adulteration. It has uniform grain size and excellent resistance to blight.


India is the largest producer of pearl millet. It is locally known as bajra.

The Pearl Millet or bajra grain typically contains 11-12% of crude protein and 2900 kcal metabolic energy. Pearl millet is used as a source of protein and energy in animal feed.

Prodigy foods deal with best quality pearl millet/Bajra which is free from any kind of adulteration.