Soybean Meal Exporters in Vietnam

11 Mar 2024    - Admin

Soybean Meal Exporters in Vietnam – The demand for soybean meal is changing in Vietnam due to population growth, rising income levels and changing dietary preferences. However, due to the limited availability of arable land and the need to meet increasing demand, Vietnam is still dependent on imports to meet its soybean meal requirements. Soybean exports to Vietnam for both livestock and food consumption are growing to 2 million tonnes in 2022-23 and 2.55 million tonnes in 2023-24. In this blog, we will discuss the top Soybean Meal Exporters in Vietnam that offer the best quality meal and are big names in the animal feed market.

Soybean Meal Exporters in Vietnam

Vietnam became the world’s 14th largest soybean meal exporter in 2021 with exports worth $178 million. Soybean meal ranked as Vietnam’s 218th most exported commodity that year. This is true because soybean meal constitutes a significant portion of all feeds, including aqua and poultry feeds. According to data cited by some experts in the livestock business, soybean meal makes up 12-18% of animal feed, 18-32% of chicken feed and 35-40% of aquatic feed.

List of Top Soybean Meal Exporters in Vietnam 2024

The Vietnamese government has implemented policies to support the domestic soybean meal industry. Here is the list of top soybean meal exporters in Vietnam –

Prodigy Foods | Best Soybean Meal Exporters in Vietnam

Prodigy Foods is One of the most reputed and trusted companies for production and export animal feed. We are the global leader in animal feed, including soybean meal. As a well-known exporter of soybean meal in Vietnam, the company is supporting the livestock sector by providing high-quality and sustainable feed options. Prodigy Foods has one of the Best Soybean Meal Exporters in Vietnam due to the following features:

Reasonable Prices – Prodigy Foods offers high quality products at affordable prices that are beneficial to your pet’s health.

State-of-the-Art Facilities – Prodigy Foods manufactures high-quality animal feed using state-of-the-art technology and advanced technology.

Quality Assurance – Soybean meal is manufactured through extensive testing and analysis and meets the highest standards.

Contact Details

Name: Prodigy Foods

Address: SCO-25, First Floor, Chandigarh Ambala Highway, Zirakpur, Punjab – 140603 (India)

Phone Number: +91-98763-28135, +91-86999-02333, +91-99882-04976


Vietnam’s soybean meal market is witnessing significant growth due to increasing demand from the livestock industry and changing dietary preferences. The top soybean meal exporters from Vietnam mentioned above play a role as importers in meeting this demand while ensuring the quality and safety of their products.

FAQs About Soybean Meal Exporters in Vietnam

What is the main use of soybeans in Vietnam?

Soybean meal is primarily used as a protein resource for animal feed production. They support the growth and development of livestock.

Who are the best Soybean Meal Exporters in Vietnam?

Prodigy Foods is one of the largest soybean meal exporters in Vietnam, providing the best quality animal feed including soybean meal at reasonable prices.

Is Vietnam self-sufficient in soybean meal production?

Vietnam aims to increase domestic soybean meal production, but it is still dependent on imports to meet growing demand due to limited arable land and the need for high-quality feed ingredients. As a result, corn and soybeans have to be imported to make animal feed.