Top Benefits of Guar Korma

9 Feb 2024    - Admin

Top Benefits of Guar Korma – The most popular source of protein in the global market is guar meal, especially for purposes such as thickening, stabilizing and binding – the demand for guar korma is increasing. The guar market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 2.60% from 2024 to 2029, from an estimated US$1.31 billion in 2024 to US$1.5 billion by that time. This feed is ideal for all types of animals including cattle. The plant used to make it is a legume plant. Adding jaggery enhances the taste of guar meal and increases its consumer appeal. Unlike maize, guar meal is rich in nutrients and is good for all types of animals. Today’s blog, Prodigy Foods will throw some light on the Top Benefits of Guar Korma for better animal health.

Top Benefits of Guar Korma

What is Guar Korma?

The main use of guar meal korma is as an important raw material in the manufacturing of animal feed, especially for pigs, fish, cattle and poultry. This product works better when fed to animals in processed form than in raw form. It helps in fattening the cattle quickly. Before processing it has a distinctive, unpleasant odor. However, once it is cleaned, it stops smelling bad and is still quite edible. In the past, soy meal was used to prepare animal feed. However, when cost is taken into account, guar meal korma remains one of the profitable and cost-effective options for Indian farmers, and many of them have started preferring this product.

Top Benefits of Guar Korma Meal For Animal

Guar Korma is preferred due to its superior nutritional value and rich source of amino acids, proteins and other nutrients. The safe intake level of Korma is up to 10% when included in regular animal feed. Here are some of the Top Benefits of Gaur Korma:

Healthy Protein Source

Guar meal is rich in glycine, lysine and cysteine, which is a source of protein. Guar meal is equivalent to fish meal compared to soybean meal. There is no pesticide in it either. Guar Korma is very easily digestible and gluten-free. It is a great alternative to meat and dairy products and has all the benefits of legumes. You will be relieved to hear that guar is one of the healthiest protein sources if you are a vegetarian.

High Nutritional Meal

While guar meal is a good source of protein, it is also economical, making it a great choice for those who are concerned about the well-being of their animals. Since guar meal comes from a natural food source, it can be used in animal feed in addition to human feed. This meal has higher protein levels than soybean meal, yet its taste is comparable. Therefore it is rich in nutrients and provides many nutritional benefits.

Natural & Vegetarian

Guar Korma can replace soybean meal as it is free from hazardous substances and contains amino acids. Due to its high protein content, it is perfect for anyone following a vegetarian diet. The body is benefited from the fiber found in guar meal. Because guar meal contains highly digestible protein, it can be added to concentrates for goats or mixed with goat feed. Guar meal is a great option if you are looking for a natural food.

Healthy & Safe

Guar Korma is an extremely nutrient-rich food due to its high protein content. A useful byproduct of the manufacture of guar gum is guar meal. In India, it serves as a staple food for fisheries and cattle. Guar meal, when processed, provides a balanced and healthful source of protein. It is considered a by-product of guar seed formation and is the endosperm of guar seeds. It has a high protein content and is safe for use with animals.

Non-GMO & High Fiber

Guar meal, when processed, provides a balanced and healthful source of protein. It is the endosperm of guar seeds and is considered a by-product of the guar seed processing process. Guar has a high protein content and is safe for use with animals. It is an important part of poultry feed. For chickens, its high protein content makes it a great supplement. Guar meal is a great option if you are looking for a complete and nutrient-rich diet.


Guar Korma is a new good source of protein for animal feed. This increases the production capacity of animals. It also improves economic efficiency for animal feed manufacturers. One of the top companies manufacturing and supplying high-quality guar korma food is Prodigy Foods. Additionally, the company offers a variety of products, such as Corn DDGS, Rice Gluten, Maize Gluten, Gaur Korma, Roasted Gaur Korma, Maize Fiber and other products. If you want to buy quality animal feed then contact us without any delay using the contact details given below.

FAQs About Top Benefits of Guar Korma

Why is guar meal as beneficial as animal feed?

From a nutritional point of view, guar meal is high in carbohydrates and proteins. It is a healthy source of carbs and fiber. Due to its high protein and fat content, it is an excellent feed for poultry. Due to the high amount of protein in it, it is a very nutrient-rich food.

Why is Roasted Guar Korma considered best for cattle and animal feed?

For animal feeding, Guar Korma is a plant-based, non-GMO source of protein. It is a rich natural source of protein, constituting between 55% and 58% of total protein, which is significantly more than soybean meal.

What is the nutritional value of guar seeds?

Guar meal contains 75-80% TDN and 50-55% CP.