Pig Feed Price List

18 Sep 2023    - Admin

Pig Feed Price List – Pig feed costs are one of the most important aspects of pig farming that can affect the profitability of your pig operation. Prodigy Foods, a well-known provider of pig feed, offers a complete price list of pig feed to help pig farmers make informed decisions and manage their budgets efficiently. In this article, we’ll look at the value of a Pig Feed Price List, examine the variables that affect pig feed prices, and learn about Prodigy Foods, a premium feed supplier at a reasonable cost.

Pig Feed Price List

In India, Prodigy Foods is a well-known and reputed op pig feed raw material supplier. Since they have been selling high-quality pig feed for over 10 years, they have gained a solid reputation for offering feed that is both reliable and affordable. Prodigy Foods has recently revealed its price list of pig feed for the current year. If you want to buy pig feed at a reasonable price then contact us at +91-86999-02333 or +91-99882-04976. You can also write an email for your queries to info@prodigyfoods.in 

What Factors Are Affecting Pig Feed Prices?

Pig feed prices can change depending on several factors. Pig producers can navigate the market and make cost-effective decisions by being aware of the following factors:

Ingredient Costs – The price of ingredients such as corn, soybean meal, wheat, and various additives has a significant impact on the price of pig feed. Feed prices may change as a result of fluctuations in commodity prices.

Seasonal changes – Seasonal changes in weather and farming conditions can affect the availability and cost of feed ingredients. For example, drought or flood may disrupt crop production, causing prices to rise.

Feed Formulation – Different pig feed formulations have different chemical compositions, nutritional profiles, and production costs. Different prices may apply to specialty feeds formulated for specific pig growth stages or uses.

Manufacturing and transportation costs – Depending on the region and provider, the cost of manufacturing and distributing pig feed can vary. Feed prices can be affected by things like labor costs, transportation costs, and energy costs.

Quality and nutritional value – Higher quality feeds with increased nutritional value may cost more because they require more expensive components and production techniques.

The Ultimate Pig Feed Price List | Pig Feed at Best Price in India

For pig farmers, the price list of pig feed is a main concern. Pricing clarity allows farmers to effectively manage their budget and select their feed purchases. To meet the demands of different-sized farms, Prodigy Foods offers a variety of pig feed products. Here is a summary of Prodigy Foods’ current Pig Feed Price List:

  • 1 kg  –  Rs. 50 
  • 2 kg  –  Rs. 100
  • 5 kg  –  Rs. 200
  • 10 kg –  Rs. 380
  • 20 kg –  Rs. 700

Buy Best Pig Food At Reasonable Price From Prodigy Foods

Prodigy Foods is a well-known name in the pig farming industry. They have developed a reputation for offering premium pig feed at affordable prices. In general, Prodigy Foods’ price list for pig feed is a great resource for pig farmers looking for high quality, reasonably priced feed. The food is of excellent quality and the cost is reasonable. For pig farms, this is even more attractive due to discounts on larger purchases. Pig farmers can greatly benefit from Prodigy Foods’ Pig Feed Price List as they are a trusted and reputable feed supplier. Here are some explanations why Prodigy Foods is a reputable source for pig feed:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Nutritional Expertise
  • Transparency
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Customization

Feed cost is an important factor for farmers of all sizes as it is an essential component of raising pigs. A leading provider of pig feed, Prodigy Foods offers a variety of feed products to meet the needs of farmers of all sizes. Contact us for more information!


Profitability in the pig farming industry depends on effective management of feed costs. A price list for pig feed, such as the one offered by Prodigy Foods, is essential to help pig farmers make informed feed decisions. Pig farmers can optimize their operations, guarantee the health and growth of their pigs, and ultimately profit in the swine sector by being aware of the variables that affect swine feed pricing and selecting a trustworthy supplier like Prodigy Foods.  

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Phone Number: +91-98763-28135, +91-86999-02333, +91-99882-04976

FAQs About Pig Feed Price List

Q – Does pig feed come in different varieties and at different prices?

A – Yes, there are many types of pig feeds designed for different growth stages (such as starter, grower, and finisher) and unique dietary requirements. Prices may vary depending on the type of feed and its components.

Q – How can I reduce the cost of pig feed?

AEfficient pig nutrition management to reduce waste.

  • Purchasing feed components in bulk.
  • Efforts are being made to find local or nearby suppliers to cut down on transportation expenses.
  • Investigating alternative by-products or feed sources.