Cattle Feed Price List 50 Kg

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Cattle Feed Price List 50 Kg – Cattle rearing is an essential aspect of our agribusiness, especially in rural areas where it is a source of revenue for the farmers. Cattle feed is a critical component of a successful cattle farm, and the cost of feed affects the farm’s profitability. As a result, farmers must understand the current cost of animal feed in order to make informed decisions about their farm operations. Prodigy Food sells animal feed across India. This article will cover the Prodigy Foods Cattle Feed Price List 50 Kg to help farmers understand the current animal feed prices.

Cattle Feed Price List 50 Kg

Cattle raising is an important part of the agricultural business, providing meat, milk, and other byproducts to millions of people around the world. One of the most important factors to consider as a cattle farmer is the cost of animal feed. Cattle feed can be expensive and feed prices fluctuate over time. Providing high-quality feed to cattle is important to ensure their health and production. Prodigy Foods, a renowned company in the animal feed business, is known for its dedication to providing healthy and affordable feed.

Key Factors About Cattle Feed Price List 50 Kg

Several elements come to the fore when considering Prodigy Food’s  Cattle Feed Price List 50 Kg:

Feed Types – Prodigy Foods offers different varieties of cow feed, each formulated to meet unique demands. Dairy cow feed, beef cattle feed, and calf starter feed are all common possibilities. The cost of each feed variety varies based on its ingredients and nutritional value.

Nutritional content – The nutritional content of feed has a direct impact on its price. Animal feed with a higher protein and mineral content may be more expensive because of the higher nutritional value it provides.

Ingredients – The cost of raw materials used in making animal feed can vary. Grain, feed, vitamins, and other ingredients all have an impact on the final pricing. Seasonal changes in material costs can affect the total cost of feed.

Quality Standards – In its manufacturing operations, Prodigy Foods adheres to the highest quality standards. Due to stringent quality control systems, premium-grade feed may be more expensive.

Packaging and Distribution – The packaging of cow feed also affects pricing. 50kg bags of Prodigy Food are a convenient and cost-effective option for large-scale livestock operations.

Market Dynamics – Like any commodity, cattle feed prices can be affected by market dynamics such as supply and demand variations, competition, and economic conditions.

Location – Transportation charges may affect the final price of Prodigy Foods animal feed depending on your geographic location. Shipping costs may be higher in remote locations.

Bulk Buying – Farmers who buy animal feed in bulk may be eligible for bulk buying discounts, which can cut the cost per bag significantly.

50 kg Cattle Feed at Latest Price in India | Prodigy Foods

Cattle Feed Price List 50 Kg varies depending on the type of feed selected. A Cattle Feed Price List 50 Kg of Prodigy Food’s cow feed mix is priced between Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000. The feed includes alfalfa, barley, wheat, oat, corn, and soybean meal, making it an excellent choice for farmers looking for a well-balanced feed. Prodigy Foods also sells a 50 kg bag of its cow pasture feed, which is specifically developed for dairy animals. The feed costs around ₹5,000 and includes a high-energy blend of corn, oats, alfalfa, and soybean meal.

Prodigy Foods also offers organic options in addition to its regular animal feed products. These organic feeds are made from certified organic ingredients and do not contain synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. While organic feed is more expensive than conventional feed, it can provide various benefits to cattlemen wanting better feed options for their cattle.

Why Choose Prodigy Foods for Cattle Feed Price List 50 Kg?

Prodigy Foods is a leading provider of Cattle Feed in India. They offer a wide variety of high-quality feed products designed to provide optimal nutrition for your cattle. Their Cattle Feed Price List 50 Kg is an affordable solution for farmers and ranchers who want to provide the best nutrition to their cattle. They use only the highest quality ingredients in their feed and are dedicated to delivering a high-quality product at a fair price.

Feed Quality – Make sure the company supplies high-quality cow feed that matches the nutritional needs of your cattle. Look for details about the materials used as well as any quality control procedures.

Delivery Options – Determine if they have convenient delivery options, such as the cost and schedule of delivery to your location.

Certification and Compliance – Verify that the company’s products meet industry standards and are in accordance with applicable regulations.

To make an informed decision, you should contact Prodigy Foods directly and receive a pricing list of cow feed for a 50kg bag, as well as ask questions about relevant variables. who have worked with this particular provider to better understand their experiences and the quality of their products and services.

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