Poultry Feed Raw Material Suppliers & Manufacturers

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Poultry Feed Raw Material Suppliers & Manufacturers – Prodigy Foods is one of the top Poultry Feed Raw Material suppliers and manufacturers in India. Poultry feed is the most important element in raising chickens. Feed accounts for 80% of the costs associated with the production of eggs and grills. It consists mostly of a mixture of de-oiled extracts of various grains, ground nuts, soybeans, rapeseed, and sunflower as well as calcium carbonate. Metabolize nutrients into energy, protein, calcium, lysine, DL-methionine, and more while building a healthy diet. 

Poultry Feed Raw Material Suppliers & Manufacturers

The chicken business depends on a few select key components for the manufacture of feed. In poultry diets, cereal grains serve as the major sources of energy, while cereal legumes and oilseeds serve as the main sources of protein. The main cereal grains are wheat, barley, triticale, and sorghum, while essential protein sources include soybean meal, canola meal, peas, lupins, and beans. Businesses have traditionally tended to use the least expensive materials in order to maximize profits.

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Scope And Opportunities of Poultry Feed Raw Materials Business in India

Almost all the inputs required for the production of eggs and poultry meat in India are self-sufficient. Currently, 28 million tonnes of commercial feed is consumed annually by the poultry industry. The feed sector, which is barely 35 years old, is largely dependent on the Poultry industry. The dairy and poultry industries are responsible for most of the feed produced in India. 

There are many poultry feed raw material suppliers and manufacturers available in India who provide good quality raw materials. The production of fodder for other types of cattle is very low. Only 5% of the capacity of the organized feed industry is now being produce by India, which produces about 3 million tonnes of feed annually. To reduce the cost of fodder, farmers prepare large quantities of it themselves.

Major Components for Poultry Feed Raw Material

It is important to assess the nutritional value of agro-industrial wastes Following are some of the typical poultry feed raw materials used for making poultry feed –

Corn – It has low fiber content and is highly digestible. It is a source of energy but lacks protein, especially amino acids including lysine and sulfur. The latter is the cause of the yellow skin of some breeds of poultry.
Barley –  Due to its high fiber content, barley is not particularly palatable and should make up no more than 15% of the diet.
Oats – Due to their high fiber content, oats are not very tasty. It should not account for more than 20% of the food. Due to its manganese concentration, it may aid in reducing cannibalism, feather pulling, and hawk diseases.
Wheat – It can replace maize as an energy source. Wheat bran has a high fiber, manganese, and phosphorus content, which makes it bulking and quite a laxative.
Rice – Broken rice grains can be replace with maize. It is possible to use up to 50% of the diet of rice polish as a highly effective substitute for cereal grains.
Sorghum – Sorghum has the same feeding value as maize. However, it contains more protein than corn, is palatable and can be used as a substitute.
Groundnut-cake – It is highly palatable and is often used as a source of protein in the diet of poultry. Protein makes up about 40% of it.
Fish meal – The fish meal is the largest source of animal protein for the poultry diet. Depending on whether it is made from whole bony fish cannery waste, its composition varies greatly.

Why Choose Prodigy Foods as Poultry Feed Raw Material Suppliers & Manufacturers?

Traditional poultry diets usually include several types of grain. Adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins are supplier throughout the diet, either in chemically pure form or through foods known to be high in these elements. Due to rising feed costs and a lack of availability of conventional ingredients to replace more expensive components in the poultry diet, we offer Poultry Feed Raw Materials at affordable prices. Prodigy Foods is one of the Poultry Feed Raw Material Suppliers & Manufacturers in India.

To maintain the health of your livestock, Prodigy Foods manufactures, and supplies of poultry feed, and strives to produce high nutritional and high-quality Rice DDGS or Corn DDGS. Prodigy Foods offers exceptional sanitary feed. The hygiene element includes adequate packing, which protects any product from damage as well as keeps the feed fresh for a long time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Who are the top manufacturers of Poultry Feed Raw Materials?

A – Prodigy Foods is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Poultry Feed raw materials. We are the largest supplier of protein raw material substitutes to the poultry feed industry, cattle feed industry, and aqua feed industry.

Q – What are the major components of poultry feed?

A – We all know the six basic components of poultry nutrition: water, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins.