Rice Ddgs Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

7 Jul 2020    - Admin

Introduction to Rice Ddgs

Rice DDGS(Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles) is a wonderful source of protein available at much lower prices compared to the traditional protein sources. This source fulfills the basic nutrition requirement for various types of animal breeds including chicken, cattle, and some types of fish as well. It is both chemical and preservative-free.

How Is the Rice Ddgs Prepared?

The first step involves drying of the Distillers Wet grains with the soluble using a dryer. Then the syrup, which is a concentrated thin slope is mixed with the decantation process produced wet cake which is later sold in the form of cattle feed. Another method involves drying up the whole mixture and selling it in a dry-powdered form.

The ethanol extraction leaves certain essential nutrients that are used as poultry feed for the animals.

Benefits of Rice Ddgs

  1. The Rice DDGS manufacturers in India provide such Rice DDGs to the farmers that help in maintaining the color of the egg yolk and also enable the strong immunity of the fish to fight against any infections or diseases.
  2. The Rice DDGS suppliers and manufacturers prepare feeds that contain around 45%-50% protein value, an energy level of around 2800-3200 kcal, fat content of around 3%-4%, and fiber value of 6%. 
  3. The Rice DDGS suppliers make sure that the feed that they sell to the farmers include all the nutrients which results in the growth, vitality, and strength among the poultry animals.

What is Corn DDGS?

Corn DDGS is the by-product obtained after the maize starch is fermented with the yeasts to obtain ethanol. After the ethanol is removed, the residue is dried to form corn DDGS.

Corn DDGS is an amazing source of protein and energy for the animals. It is easily digestible and helps in the growth of the animals.

Benefits of Corn DDGS

  1. Corn DDGS has essential nutrients like proteins and fats which can work as an energy boost meal for all types of animals as the corn gluten meal possess 85% of the corn energy value.
  2. Corn DDGS has proved to be a very efficient feed for the animals as compared to maize grain, poultry feed, or the fish food as the corn gluten meal has proven to decrease methane production from the enteric fermentation when replaced.
  3. Corn DDGS meals are rich in amino acids.
  4. Along with the high nutritional value, corn DDGS has been an inexpensive investment in animal feed cost.
  5. It is easily digested and does not contain any toxins.
  6. Its low moisture content makes it stay for a longer time.

Storage of the Rice Ddgs, or Corn Ddgs

The DDGS suppliers are required to store the DDGS meals depending upon the animal consumption and requirement. To increase the shelf life of the DDGS, the manufacturers and the suppliers mix the DDGS with silage in the paddock. The manufacturers can also consult the nutritionist regarding maintaining the maximum storage time for a particular type of feed.

Environmental Effect
  1. Cost of energy: The drying up process of the grains is an energy-consuming process. In an ethanol plant, 40.4% of the energy is used to produce DDGS. The wet distiller grain spoils at a much faster rate, due to which the dried grains are preferred despite the higher energy costs.
  2. ORGANIC COMPOUNDS: The dry grains produce such organic matter that can lead to serious health issues that can be controlled by installing thermal oxidizers in the ethanol plants.
  3. Waste reduction: The corn distiller grains produces a huge amount of by-products that have to be eliminated by using some methods.
  4. Reducing the Methane emissions: As compared to the maize grain, the corn grain distillers have proven to reduce the production of methane.

Why Choose Prodigy Foods?

  1. Prodigy Foods is a manufacturer and supplier of poultry animal feed that aims to manufacture high nutrition and high quality Rice DDGS or Corn DDGS to keep your livestock healthy.
  2. The feed supplied by Prodigy foods is very hygienic. The hygiene factor involves proper packaging that helps in keeping the feed fresh for a much longer time avoiding any damage to the product.
  3. Prodigy Foods is one of the best DDGS suppliers as the feed provided by them is a complete package of proteins and vitamins that helps the animals to grow healthier and increase their immunity to fight any diseases.
  4. The corn DDGS supplier, Prodigy Foods have always made sure the farmers benefit the most out of their products. The company does so by supplying such animal feed to the farmers which have longer storage life along with reasonable prices.

If you are looking for an animal feed supplier that can provide you with high quality nutritious food stock for your livestock, then Prodigy Foods is the best option available in the market.