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Poultry feed is the food for poultry farm animals such as chicken, cattle, ducks, fish, and others kept on the farm. Earlier the animals were kept on a general farm and obtained most of their food by feeding on insects, grains, and plants. But since the inception of poultry farms, the need to provide a regular, nutritious, and well-balanced diet to the animals has become a necessity for farm owners and farmers. This need was realized by Prodigy foods, one of the best poultry feed companies in India, who came up with a poultry feed that contains all the protein and energy required for the consumption of the animals to keep them healthy and meet their dietary requirements.

  1. Prodigy Foods was established in the year, and since then has been one of the best animal feed manufacturers and has risen to be the best poultry feed company in India.
  2. The excellent quality products offered by the Prodigy Foods involve Rice DDGS, Corn gluten meal, maize gluten meal, and the list goes on.
  3. The company is known for its high ethical conduct in the business, as Prodigy Foods believes in providing research method solutions.

Prodigy Foods has been the best poultry feed company since the very year of its inception in India that offers a variety of feeds rich in proteins, other nutrients that meet the energy requirements of the animals. Let us discuss the different types of feeds supplied by Prodigy foods briefly.


What is Rice DDGS?

Rice DDGS is an alternate source of protein and energy for the cattle, or the poultry animals and sometimes works as a source of nutrition for the aquatic animals. Prodigy Foods is one of the leading DDGS suppliers providing various options to select from, depending upon the color and the protein content.

Benefits of Rice DDGS
  1. One of the benefits of Rice DDGS is that it has a high amount of protein with a low price, which helps the farmers to spend less on the ration.
  2. Rice DDGS involves a two-step drying process, making it easier to store for a much longer time. Hence, there is little risk of loss.
  3. The animals can easily consume it, and at the same, it is easily digestible, making Rice DDGS a perfect meal for your animals.
  4. Another benefit of feeding your animals with Rice DDGS is that it contains yeast enzymes, enabling the animals to get more yeast in their meals.
  5. Rice DDGS works as a boon for the poultry animals as it helps with the egg yolk improvement and increases the immunity of the fishes against infections.


What is Corn DDGS?

Corn Distiller’s Dried Grains with Soluble or Corn DDGS is produced when a fraction of starch of maize is fermented with the yeasts to produce ethanol. When the remaining fermentation except the ethanol is removed, it leads to a residue, which is known as Corn DDGS.

Corn DDGS contains essential nutrients like proteins and fats, which can work as an energy-boosting meal for all types of animals as the corn gluten meal possesses 85% of the corn energy value.

Corn DDGS has proved to be a more efficient feed for the animals as compared to maize grain, poultry feed, or the fish food as the corn gluten meal is proven to decrease methane production from the enteric fermentation when replaced.

Benefits of Corn DDGS
  1. Corn DDGS meal has high amino acids.
  2. Along with the high nutritional value, corn DDGS is an inexpensive investment in animal feed cost.
  3. It is easily digested and does not contain any toxins.
  4. Its low moisture content makes it stay for a longer time.


What is a Corn Gluten meal?

 Corn gluten meal, also referred to as corn gluten meal is a knock-on effect of the maize starch manufactured by the wet-milling process. The corn gluten meal is produced by re-centrifugation, filtering, and drying of the gluten obtained in the separation process of the starch gluten.

Benefits of Corn Gluten mea
  1. Due to its high protein and pigment content, corn gluten meal acts as a necessary and beneficial feed for the animals, whether it’s poultry, fish, or cattle.
  2. As compared to the corn, corn gluten meal has total digestible nutrients.
  3. Corn Gluten meal is 100% rancid and toxic-free.
  4. Corn Gluten meal results in retaining the egg’s yellow yolk as it contains high proportions of carotenoids and natural xanthophyll pigment.
  5. Corn Gluten Meal is a powder that gives it longer shelf life.

4. Roasted Guar Korma meal

What is a Roasted Guar Korma meal?

Roasted Guar Korma is a by-product that is produced after processing the guar seeds. The roasted  guar korma meal is a high protein source and contains essential carbohydrates that serve as a medium of energy for the poultry and cattle.

Benefits of Roasted  Guar Korma meal
  1. The Roasted  Guar Korma meal is a 100% chemical, or preservative-free source of energy for the animals.
  2. The Roasted  Guar Korma meal works as a nutritional source of feed and maintains good health for the cattle and poultry animals.
  3. The Roasted  Guar Korma meal aids in digestion in animals.
  4. Due to its less moisture content, the Roasted Guar Korma meal can be stored for a much longer time. 


Prodigy Foods aims to provide the best and highest quality feed for your animals, keeping in mind the nutrition requirement for every type of animal. Each product is chemical-free, has a long shelf life, and it is produced specially to fulfill the protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients essential for the healthy and proper growth of your animals.If you are looking for the Rice DDGS suppliers, or maize gluten manufacturers in India, or maybe Guar Korma manufacturers, then Prodigy Foods is the best provider in the market to meet all the dietary needs of your animals.