Rice Gluten Meal Exporters in Bangladesh

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Rice Gluten Meal Exporters in Bangladesh – Rice gluten meal is a high-protein flour that is produced as a by-product of rice starch production. It is widely used as a plant-based protein source in pet foods and other animal feed. Prodigy Foods is one of the top Rice Gluten Meal Exporters in Bangladesh. The company is a leading producer of animal feed and pet food ingredients and specializes in exporting rice gluten meal. Prodigy Foods has been in business since 2010 and has established a reputation for quality products and reliable service.

Rice Gluten Meal Exporters in Bangladesh

Rice gluten meal is a derivative of rice that is used as a protein source in many food products. It is a by-product of the production of rice flour, and it is commonly used as an ingredient in pet food, livestock feed, and as a meat substitute. Although it is not as popular as other protein sources such as soy and wheat, it is becoming increasingly popular as a plant-based alternative for those looking to reduce their consumption of animal proteins.

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What is Rice Gluten Meal?

Rice gluten meal is a by-product of the production of rice flour. Rice flour is made by grinding rice into a fine powder. The flour is then sifted to remove the bran and germ layers, leaving behind a white powder that is mostly composed of pure starch. The remaining material is then dried and milled into a fine powder, which is referred to as rice gluten meal. Rice gluten meal is rich in proteins, which makes it a great source of nutrition for humans and animals alike.

Prodigy Foods | Top Rice Gluten Meal Exporters in Bangladesh

Prodigy Foods is one of the leading Rice Gluten Meal Exporters in Bangladesh.  We provide quality products that are source from certified manufacturers. Our products are rigorously teste and certified to meet the highest standards of quality. Prodigy Foods is committed to providing the best quality products to their customers and ensuring that their products meet the needs of their clients.

Prodigy Foods offers a variety of rice gluten meal products that are suitable for a range of applications. We offer both conventional and organic rice gluten meal products that are suitable for use in pet food, livestock feed, and as a meat substitute. Our products are suitable for use in a variety of recipes, and they provide nutritional information on each of their products to ensure that customers know exactly what they are getting.

Benefits of Rice Gluten Meal For Animal

High protein content – Rice gluten meal is a highly concentrate source of protein, containing up to 75% protein, making it ideal for animal feed.

High digestibility – Rice gluten meal is highly digestible, allowing animals to absorb and utilize the nutrients more efficiently.

Cost-effective – Rice gluten meal is an economical source of protein, making it a popular choice for animal feed.

Nutritionally balanced – Rice gluten meal is nutritionally balance, providing essential fatty acids and minerals that are necessary for healthy animal growth and development.

Versatile – Rice gluten meal is a versatile feed ingredient that can be use in various animal diets, depending on the species and age of the animal.

The Growing Demand for Rice Gluten Meal in Bangladesh: An Analysis

Rice Gluten Meal (RGM) is becoming increasingly popular in Bangladesh due to its high protein content and its ability to reduce costs for farmers. RGM is a by-product of rice milling that is commonly use as a feed ingredient in the poultry industry. It is consider a cost-effective alternative to other protein sources such as soybean meal, maize, and fish meal. In the past, Bangladesh has faced a shortage of protein sources as a result of limited production. RGM is helping to alleviate this problem by providing a cheap and abundant source of protein.

The demand for RGM has been steadily increasing in recent years. In 2017, Bangladesh imported over 4,000 metric tons of RGM, which was a 34% increase from the previous year. This trend is expect to continue in the coming years due to the growing demand for poultry products. Furthermore, the government is encouraging the use of RGM in poultry production to reduce the cost of production.

What Makes Prodigy Food the Best Rice Gluten Meal Exporters in Bangladesh?

Prodigy Food is the best rice gluten meal exporter in Bangladesh. Established in 2010, Prodigy Food has been providing the highest quality rice gluten meal to its customers for over 15 years. With its commitment to quality, innovative technology, and customer service, Prodigy Food has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses in Bangladesh and around the world. Here are reasons why Prodigy Food is the top rice gluten meal exporter in Bangladesh:

  • Prodigy Food has over 15 years of experience in exporting rice gluten meals and is highly knowledgeable in the industry.
  • The company has a rigorous quality control system in place to ensure that all its products meet high standards.
  • Prodigy Food offers a wide range of rice gluten meal products that are suitable for different applications.
  • Our company is constantly innovating and improving its products and processes to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Prodigy Food is highly reliable and consistently delivers quality products on time.
  • We are dedicate to providing excellent customer service and are always available to answer any questions.
  • The company offers competitive prices for its rice gluten meal products.
  • Prodigy Food is highly responsive to customer needs and is always willing to go the extra mile.

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