Top Benefits of Rice Gluten

6 Feb 2024    - Admin

Top Benefits of Rice Gluten – Indian livestock farming is one of the most growing sectors in the country. Some states have become major producers of animal products, such as buffalo and cow milk or eggs from poultry farms. Other livestock farming sectors, such as fish and beekeeping, have developed more recently. But raising livestock is not easy, especially when you have to ensure that the animals remain healthy throughout the year. Prodigy Foods has developed professional solutions for your cattle because we are aware of these issues. In this blog, we will throw some light on the Top benefits of Rice Gluten for better animal health.

Top Benefits of Rice Gluten

What is Rice Gluten?

The dry residue left after starching rice and separating the bran using the same method used in wet milling to make rice starch, syrup or glucose is known as Rice Gluten meal. The bright yellow colour of this rice protein meal is commonly used as animal feed for chicken due to its high protein content, above-average amino acid profile and added vitamins. These nutrients can enhance the anti-viral, growth and feeding behaviour of poultry.

Our rice gluten is a great way to reduce animal ration costs by replacing expensive soybean meal and di-calcium phosphate, which in turn reduces feed costs for farmers and feed producers.

Best Nutritional Benefits Of Rice Gluten

  • Since rice gluten meal has low levels of amylase, it is a highly digestible source of protein.
  • Due to its high protein and amino acid content, rice gluten is perfect for animals with wheat and corn allergies.
  • Methionine, an amino acid essential for healthy feathers, is abundant in rice gluten and can be supplemented at a low cost.
  • Yeast is a result of fermentation that increases feed consumption, improves flavour, and contains 3-5% dry yeast cells, which supply B vitamins.
  • There is no toxicity or rancidity in it.
  • For nutritional protein requirements of aquaculture, cattle and poultry, rice gluten is being employed with effectiveness.
  • Why do we serve rice with gluten?
  • improved digestion
  • Extended storage life (5-8 months)
  • Advanced Nutritional Content (O&A > 50%)
  • Hygienically packed in PP bags
  • No toxicity and no pollution
  •  Moisture maximum 10%

Top 5 Benefits of Rice Gluten

Rice gluten meal is also highly digestible and palatable, making it an excellent choice for animal feed. In addition, rice gluten meal is an economical and sustainable option, as it is a co-product of rice milling. Here are some of the top benefits of rice gluten meal:

Developing Immunity

Our rice gluten feed is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of animals. Fish, poultry and other animals must eat a high-protein diet. It helps in developing immunity against many infections in cattle.

High protein content

Rice gluten meal contains a high level of protein, with protein levels often exceeding 60%. This makes it an excellent choice for animal feed, as animals need protein to build muscle, support immune function, and maintain overall health.

Advanced amino acid profile

Rice gluten meal has an advanced amino acid profile, making it a complete protein source for animals. The product contains a balanced mix of essential amino acids, which are important for supporting many physiological functions in animals.

Digestibility and palatability

Rice gluten meal is highly digestible and palatable, making it an excellent choice for animal feed. Animals find rice gluten meal easy to digest, and they are more likely to consume it when it is included in their diet.

An economical and sustainable choice

Rice gluten meal is an economical and sustainable choice for animal feed. This meal is a co-product of rice milling, utilizing the protein-rich fraction that might otherwise go underutilized.

Rice gluten meal is a valuable feed ingredient that can help to improve the health and performance of animals. It is a high-protein option that is highly digestible and palatable, and it is also an economical and sustainable choice.

What Makes Prodigy Foods the Best Rice Gluten Manufacturers in India?

It is almost unbelievable to know that a company supplying animal feed is becoming the leader in all the problems of India’s livestock sector. These explanations will help you understand why Prodigy Foods is fast rising to the top of the country’s list of providers of rice gluten meals –

  • The manufacturer is listing a wide range of cow feed, ranging from rice DDGS to rice gluten meal for animals.
  • To provide high-quality food to cattle and other livestock, they use sophisticated machinery.
  • Prodigy Foods has emerged as one of India’s top producers of rice gluten thanks to its incredibly nutrient-rich recipes.

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FAQs About Top Benefits of Rice Gluten

What is the main source of animal food?

Rice, corn, soybeans, sorghum, oats, and barley are among the feed grains that are primary components of commercially produced feeds. Premix is another component of compound feed that can be marketed individually.

Is Rice Gluten good for animal feed?

For young animals, Rice Gluten and its derived parts are particularly beneficial due to their high digestibility and lack of anti-nutritional factors (ANFs).