Top 10 Shrimp Feed Companies In India With Price List

14 Sep 2023    - Admin

 Top 10 Shrimp Feed Companies in India with Price List In India, shrimp farming has become a significant industry, with shrimp being a lean source of protein for the country’s increasing population. However, to certify the health and productivity of shrimp on farms, it is important that they receive a top-notch diet in the form of shrimp feed. This is because low-quality feed can give direct access to problems such as diminished growth, disease, and even death in the shrimp. Furthermore, the demand for shrimp in India is accelerating, which implies that shrimp farmers are required to produce more shrimp to meet this demand.

Top 10 Shrimp Feed Companies In India With Price List

A top-notch shrimp feed can assist in upgrading the efficacy of shrimp farming techniques by leveraging rapid growth and increased survival rates in the shrimp. Moreover, this can help shrimp farmers accelerate their production and catch up with the increasing demand for shrimp in India.  In this blog, we will be providing information about the top 10 shrimp feed companies in India.

These shrimp feed companies have been chosen in accordance with their quality of products, customer satisfaction, and overall reputation in the industry. Whether you are a shrimp farmer or simply searching for the best shrimp feed for your farm, this list has answers to your queries. So, let’s delve deep and find out which companies made the cut!

Top 10 Shrimp Feed Companies in India with Price List

1.    Prodigy Foods

Prodigy Foods only uses top-quality components in their Shrimp Feeds, and they extract those components from local farmers. We also verify that the shrimp are free of active and harmful chemical products such as dietary antibiotics. In addition, Prodigy Foods is devoted to sustainability and is always opting for ways to eliminate its environmental effects. All these elements make Prodigy Food the top shrimp feed raw material Manufacturer in India.

The organization utilizes only the finest components in its feed, including best-quality protein sources, vitamins, and minerals, to confirm that the shrimps in take all the nutrients they need to increase in size and thrive. Additionally, Prodigy Foods makes use of the latest and updated manufacturing processes to authenticate that the feed is free from germs and is of steady quality. This fusion of top-notch ingredients and stringent manufacturing standards has assisted in making Prodigy Foods’ shrimp feed the best in India.

2.    Avanti Feeds Limited

Avanti Feeds formed its foundation in 1993 and since then become one of the largest manufacturers of shrimp feed in the country. They have a powerful focus on research and expansion and has established a range of top-notch shrimp feeds that are put together to the particular nutritional requirements of different species of shrimp. One of the main reasons why Avanti Feeds’ shrimp feed is regarded as the best in India is because of its rich nutritional value.

3.    Godrej Agro vet Limited

It is tough to detect whether Godrej Agrovet Limited can be regarded as the best shrimp feed company in India, as this is an individual detection that can differ depending on a person’s choices and priorities. However, there is no doubt that Godrej Agrovet has various qualities that make it a powerful competitor for this title. Godrej Agrovet Limited is devoted to creation, quality, and customer support and is preferable to be well-positioned to manufacture the best shrimp feed product in the market. This can assist shrimp farmers in improving the health and performance of their shrimp, resulting in higher production and increased profitability.

4.    ABIS Feed (IB Group)

The IB Group, a distinctive and cutting-edge poultry company established in India, has lately developed its business to incorporate the sale of shrimp feed. You may have come across many shrimp and poultry farmers discussing the ABIS Feed. You Know what the IB Group is actually behind the ABIS Feed company. Established by the visionary Mr. Bahadur Ali, the organization has an inviolable reputation for its dedication to quality, and this department is no exception. The IB Group selects the best-quality ingredients for their shrimp feed, verifying that it contains the vital minerals and vitamins that shrimps require to grow.

5.    Venky’s India Limited

In the Indian market, Venky’s is the most preferable brand to buy livestock feed. According to the quality, there is no doubt that Venky’s shrimp feed is by far one of the finest and foremost ones in the country packed with rich nutritional contents. There are just a few other organizations that can compare itself with the shrimp feed quality that Venky’s provides to Indian shrimp farmers. If you have just entered into the aquaculture or shrimp farming industry, you might think that Venky’s fish feed is slightly costly, but that’s not what it appears to be. The other conventional brand’s shrimp feed cannot compete against Venky’s premium or superior-quality shrimp feed.

6.    Cargill India

Cargill India Pvt. Ltd. is a franchise of Cargill, Inc., a global food and agriculture organization. They are a renowned manufacturer of food, agricultural, financial, and industrial products, and services in India. The organization has a distinctive range of products and services, comprising edible oils, sugar, texturizers, pulses, animal feed, and other agricultural components. When we talk about shrimp feed, we can surely say that Cargill India is one such organization that provides high-quality products to fulfill every customer’s demands. Cargill India has franchises in different locations across the country, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai.

7.    CP Feeds

Collins Agri-Services and Premier Feed established themselves back in the year 2000. Around the year 2005, CP Feeds manufactured its first product in the Indian market.  In India, this organization mainly sells livestock feed. CP Feeds provides shrimp feeds that are quite renowned in the country and over the years, it has developed into a reliable choice for many shrimp farmers in India.

8.    Skretting India

Skretting has extended its business by not just leading in India but also in the global aqua feed market. Since the time Skretting India established itself, it has been delivering neck-to-neck competition to some of the biggest and most acclaimed livestock feed manufacturing organizations in the country. Skretting is different from other companies as it provides particular shrimp feed for specific shrimp species.

9.    Hikari Feeds

Hikari shrimp feed is not readily available in every state of India, but if you come across their shrimp feeds, you will get to know pretty soon that Hikari’s shrimp feed is a lot better than some other renowned but generic brands. Except this, Hikari’s packaging is inexpensive but provides great quality shrimp feeds.

10. Aqua India

When looking out for the top shrimp medicines and minerals, you may have heard about the Aqua India brand or organization. Well, Aqua India also delivers top-quality and nutritious shrimp feed for shrimp farmers in the country. However, the shrimp feed provided by Aqua India is slightly costlier than other brands we have discussed above on this list.


With the help of this guide, you get to know which shrimp feed organizations to consider when entering into shrimp farming. By choosing a nutritious and minerals-rich shrimp feed, you can verify your profitability in your shrimp farming business.

FAQs on Top 10 Shrimp Feed Companies in India with Price List
Question1. Which is the top and best Shrimp Feed Company in India?

Answer. Prodigy foods is the best Shrimp provider in India.